17 Times When Love Has Overcome All Difficulties

“36-my wife & I met at DQ over a banana split 35 yrs ago today. Every year we go back for another.”

’’Our wedding rings fit perfectly.’’

’’My now-husband and me, a year or 2 before we would meet’’

’’My wife and I, at about age 10, took the same vacation pic. We didn’t meet until we were 30.’’

’’My boyfriend and I had the same cake on our first birthdays.’’

’’My now-husband and I met in daycare back in 1996.’’

’’Childhood photos of me in the United States and my wife in Korea, wearing the same tank top’’

’’A cloud heart formed over our wedding arch.’’

’’Me in 1998, and my wife in 2000’’

’’My wife and me, 39 years ago’’

“Took my grandma to see my grandpa. Together 70 years and now separated due to health issues.”

’’The wife and I got each other the same gift for Christmas by accident.’’

’’My husband and me, years before we met’’

’’My husband and me in the same preschool class at 3 years old.’

’’My mom and dad met by colliding while playing volleyball 35 years ago. This picture was taken at that specific moment.’’

“My wife and I with our first cat, Spike, in 1986 and with our first dog, Millie, in 2022.”

“15 years later, walking down the aisle again — but this time, for our wedding!”

Source: brightside.me

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