17 Times When Reality Exceeds All Expectations

“Can I get extra eggs?” In Tokyo, Japan.’’

’’I asked for extra roast beef on my sandwich.’’

’’We asked for a ’side of ketchup”

’’I found $20 inside the pocket of some sweats that I thrifted today.’’

’’I asked for a single extra Pepperoncini. I got one per slice.’’

“The picture-perfect shake”

’’I ordered 3 hard drives from Amazon and they sent me 3 cases instead.’’

’’There are even more cherries on the cake than on the packaging.’’

’’My toilet paper has extra mini rolls in the center instead of cardboard tubes.’’

’’I asked if they’d be willing to slip one extra into my 10-box.’’

’’I got a little extra cheese in my Cheetos today.’’

’’I asked for extra sauce and extra napkins, got 98 packs of sauce and 4 napkins.’’

’’I asked Waffle House for as much chocolate chips as they’re allowed to give me.’’

’’I asked for extra cheese on my burger.’’

’’I got an extra biscuit in my box of M&S biscuits.’’

’’I cracked an egg that contained an egg that contained an egg.’’

’’This is what I mean when I say extra pepperoni.’’

Source: brightside.me

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