18 Abandoned Locations That Are Surprisingly Exciting

“Abandoned “pyramid” hotel in Ustroń, Poland.”

“Abandoned library in a children’s pioneer camp”

“Iron mine in Virginia that was abandoned in the early 1900s.”

“Bobsleigh track from the ’84 Olympics”

“Staircase to an abandoned hotel in Bali, Indonesia.”

“So amazing! Most beautiful place that I’ve explored yet”

“A wonderful neo-baroque villa that has been empty for well over 20 years now”

“The things you find in a forest”

“The house of the witches. Beautiful abandoned place in northern Spain.”

“Gynecological hospital closed eight years ago, at night”

“Abandoned Big Brother House, Australia.”

“Abandoned observatory tower attached to a 16th-century villa, used by scientists to examine the stars”

“Harry Potter’s room”

“Tiny Red Car Deserted On A Tiny Isle…”

“Sunset in abandoned factory”

“Shut down movie with posters from 2001”

“Abandoned monastery built in 1332; Southern France.”

“Banana room in an abandoned hospital in Germany”

Source: www.reddit.com

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