18 Absolute Worst Foods People Ever Eaten

“My wife would say…

Pancakes that I accidentally cooked in garlic butter.

She hated them. I liked them.”


“Hot dog soup. My dad was in a rehab/assisted living facility. He had both me and my sister taste it. We were all super grossed out. It was def hot dogs, with chunks, but also with pureed hot dogs for the base.”


“A protein drink flavored fruity pebbles, tasted like dish soap”


“Fermented Shark is pretty bad. It tastes like bleach smells.”


“I attended a wedding of my cousin a few years back. They were part of this cult-like “Christian” sect. The food was not made by a catering company and the whole affair was organized by church members.

For dessert they had a mango icebox cake that barely had any cream and was dyed pink for some reason. It had been sitting out for hours under the sun. It was warm, smelled a little funky and was topped with roasted garlic peanuts. We only ate it to be polite and because my siblings and I were daring each other to eat it.

It tasted just as bad as it sounds. I almost threw up after taking one bite.”


“My mother once used gravy powder in an icing mix (on a chocolate cake) instead of cocoa. Suffice to say, it was not a pleasant experience.”


“Goat eye.

I was an “honored guest” at a Bedouin camp and the chieftain “honored” me by letting me have one of the eyes of a roast goat as he ate the other eye. My stomach does somersaults just remembering it…”


“Am Indian. Had a curry at someone’s house who was not Indian. Straight up did not use any spice but salt. Died on the inside. Ancestors physically manifested to voice disapproval.”


“Bull testicle.”


“I found some oysters on a rock in the river. I smashed a few open with another rock. Ate them, it was summer and low tide. I did not get sick but the oysters were warm and full of algae. I could still taste the after taste 8 hours later.”


“Alaskan here, muktuk (whale fat) is easily the most horrible thing I have ever eaten …. imagine bubblegum….that tastes like the ocean…”


“I ate dog once, not my choice. I was involved in a ceremony in Vietnam and was made to eat the dog flesh and it’s liver. I was horribly sick for 6 days. It tasted like the cheapest meat on planet earth and must’ve been a greyhound considering the speed it left me.”


“Canned mac and cheese”


“F@#kin durian, how is this not number 1.

My indo friends keep harping on about how it’s amazing and f@#king Zelda had it give you extra hearts but it taste like rotting ice cream”


“Did a shot of Durian extract mixed with Cotton Candy Faygo. Both of us threw up in the bushes.”


“Last year I was on my high school’s robotics team, and they were hosting a potluck type thing and one of the desserts was a big donut cake. So I think “dang, that looks delicious! I wonder why it’s almost entirely untouched?” and I take a bite. What do I taste?

It tastes like onions.

Not kidding.

The person who baked it must’ve used the same pan they made some savory dish in and never cleaned it. Honestly just the shock of it all pushed it to the top of my disgusting foods list alone. I felt super rude but I ended up just throwing it in a garbage can.”


“The last week or so of school my District only had “Chef’s Choice” printed on the lunch menus. What this meant is they were cleaning out the fridges and wouldn’t know what it would be until the day of.

My class that fateful day had an early lunch time, so we were some of the first students to find out that lunch was “Chicken Fajitas”. They were the worst thing I’ve ever tasted, and the only thing that’s been so bad I stopped after 1 bite.

The “chicken” was a paste, with about the consistency and color of hummus. The taste was indescribably bad. Everyone was quickly throwing theirs out and either not eating or getting what they could from vending machines. Word was passed along to other classes as they came in, but some kids did not heed the warnings.”



  1. The Alaskan one must be a white person from the south if they think maktaq is the worse thing Inuit eat. Dip the whale fat in soy sauce and its good. Eat it raw or boiled but most eat it raw. Lately people have been making and selling mac salad with maktaq in it. I don’t like maktaq anymore but my mom and sister love it. All Inuit love it. Try something called igunaq. Fermented fat(usually walrus i think) thats real stinky as hell and stink gets stuck to you. I know someone that grew up with elders and the kid they were raising would eat a bowl of maggots once in awhile. Hahahaha

  2. i dare anyone to eat “surströmming”, it smells so bad you’re not allowed to bring it on planes

  3. I was tricked into eating dog in 87 south Korea. It was stringy and sweet. Very tasty.

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