18 Adult Problems Nobody Warned Us About

Woman here. Random chin hairs. Popped up in late 30’s. I feel betrayed.

The endless teeny tiny implications of adult freedom.

“You have your own medical insurance plan now, you need to pick a primary care physician.”

Ok who should I pick?

“Up to you”

But like where should I start, how do i know which doctor to choose?

“Up to you”

How do other people find one?

“They just pick the one they like”

I don’t know any of these doctors!

Having a presentable place, and debating myself on why it matters. It always frustrated me when my parents had a guest over and we had to deep clean the whole house. Like if it’s my close friend of 8 years visiting, why do I care what they care about my cleanliness? And yet, every time people are over I find myself cleaning the apartment up for some reason.

Drifting away from school friends because moving away, but then struggling to make new friends in a new city.

Not being able to sleep due to stress. Yet here I lay, exhausted but wide awake.

When I was younger I could sleep anytime, anywhere.

Going from having tons of friends to really having no one.

How expensive lamps are.

Dealing with your parents acting like children.

Back hurting just from sleeping wrong

The constant obsessive feeling that I’m fast running out of time to have an enjoyable life even though I’m only in my twenties.

How often you have to clean to maintain a clean house.

How many adults I actually dislike. When I was younger, I thought my parents liked all our neighbours, all my teachers, all my coaches, etc. I’ve since found out that they thought most people were morons….kind of like I do.

The lack of time for myself. Life is all work, housework, yard work, child care, bills, emails, phone calls…

Realizing some friends are sh@#ty and you shouldn’t be friends with them anymore.

Turns out, you get fat from over eating.

How quickly fruits and vegetable actually go bad when you buy them yourself

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