18 Animals That Really “Love” Water

“Cat bath”

“Just look at this.”

“One’s true appearance is always revealed after being dipped in water.”

“That’s what a wet pomeranian looks like.”

“Soggy koala looks like an old stuffed toy!”

“The cat realizes too late that it’s been tricked into the bath bucket.”

“I gave my pomeranian a bath…and he went full meerkat!”

“Wow, check out that wet fringe!”

“It’s as if these were 2 different dogs…”

“It’s important to keep calm in any weird situation.”

“Someone has just turned into a mouse.”

“You’d better stay away from an owl when it’s wet.”

“My Mia, before and after a rare bath”

“Fluffy vs wet”

“What do you know about horror?!”

“Her eyes say she’s already creating a plot for revenge.”

“What’s cuter than a soggy baby in the tub? 2 cute soggy babies in the tub!”

Bonus: “what fluffy kitties with dry heads and wet bodies look like”

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