18 Awesome And Overwhelmed Photos

“In Portugal we have cellphone towers disguised as trees”

“Hotel stores their automated lawnmower in a dog house.”

“A flower has grown between these tiles.”

“Got some free socks with my pint.”

“The controls for the 1912 streetcar I drive.”

“This donut box looks like a giant VHS tape.”

“A school (?) of jellyfish congregated under this boat.”

“Subway Served Me A Knife With My Sandwich.”

“This fake driver’s license for a literal bird came with my wallet.”

“This little guy grabbed an equally little watermelon from my garden.”

“I cracked three double-yolk eggs in a row.”

“The deer on my moms property had an albino baby!”

“I have been reusing the same scallion scraps for two months by growing them in water.”

“Found a caterpillar with penguins on it.”

“The gap between my window and shades made the perfect glowing little number 1.”

“I sliced this bagel very evenly”

“I found a phone that is shaped like a ketchup bottle at a thrift store today.”

“My shower has a pressure handle and temperature handle. I always have perfect temperature showers now.”

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