18 Awesome Before VS. After Comparisons

“I took a month-long class called “Drawing is a Learnable Skill”. Here’s my self-portrait, before and after!”

“[Homemade] Strawberry rhubarb pie, before and after baking”

“I rescued the cat off the street. Photos before and after. One year difference. :)”

“Before and after a bath :)”

“Before and after photos from donating my hair to Angel Hair For Kids, where they make wigs for kids battling cancer! My friend (who also donated his hair) and I have also raised over $8,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society!”

“Before and After of deep cleaning my room after my depression slump”

“Before and after processing of the Andromeda Galaxy from my backyard”

“Manila before and after quarantine:”

“Rio de janeiro before and after”

“Before and after of my marathon of a backyard project.”

“Before and after lockdown backyard”

“Picture taken before and after destruction of Berlin Wall”

“Before and after 76 years apart on the Eastern front.”

“Wooden chair, before and after”

“Viking axe before and after restoration”

“Before-and-after cleaning of a 300-year-old silver-inlaid sword pommel.”

“New york building before and after power washing”

“First pic 21 February, second pic 23 October”

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