18 Awesome Products To Create The Spookiest Interior


Love how candles are great at setting the perfect spooky mood? Step it up a notch with these three Halloween-themed flameless LED candles that are controlled by a remote (there’s even a timer!!!).

If you’re hosting a Halloween sleepover, impress your guests the next morning with skull pancakes courtesy of a Dash mini waffle maker. It also comes in the shape of a pumpkin if that’s more your thing.

Are you the ghostess with the mostest? Eat, drink, and be scary by taking your dinner party up a notch with this table runner adorned with bats, spiders, pumpkins, and ghosts.

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, you definitely need a set of three Halloween-themed embroidered tea towels for showing off your dedication to the best holiday ever. Reviewers rave about the quality of the towels and how good the embroidery looks.

If you’ve got a blank wall problem, try a pack of bat decals to add some batalicious flavor.

Give your living room a subtle and beautiful orange glow with a set of warmly tinted string lights that are specifically designed for curtains and window treatments. No need to step outside to stargaze, you can do it right from the comfort of your own couch.

Are you super into string lights? Be a little extra by using these pumpkin string lights. Wrap them around your stairs, hang them off of your mantel, playfully drape them over your shower curtain…the options are endless.

Books can be an important part of decorating, so this Halloween season make sure you have a copy of Black Cats & Evil Eyes, a book that’ll explain the origins of some very well-known superstitions — like why people use horseshoes to ward off evil and why you should avoid walking under ladders.

Create the best looking carved pumpkins your neighborhood has ever seen thanks to this electric pumpkin gutter. The drill attachment makes gutting your pumpkin super easy, which frees up time to focus on the important part: creating your best scary-face masterpiece.

And try this pumpkin carving kit if you have little ones who are too young to safely use a knife for carving. The kit comes with several different cookie cutter–like shapes for creating spooky eyes, noses, and mouths, and a wooden mallet so you don’t have to push the cutter in with your hands.

Creating a magical ambience is crucial to Halloween decorating, and these flameless LED candles are exactly what you need to achieve that goal. Each pillar is battery operated and controlled by a remote. The “flames” flicker when they’re turned on, and you can use a timer so that they turn off at a certain time.

Every Halloween decoration doesn’t have to be scary, sometimes you just want something that’s boo-tiful and on theme. Our suggestion? Use this autumnal garland to wrap around stair banisters and fireplaces to set the fall vibe.

Keep yourself busy during the upcoming spooky nights with a Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit. Each kit comes with all the supplies you need, including patterns for Jack Skellington, Jack and Sally, and Zero the dog. Plus, you can hang them on the wall if you’re the type of person who sees Halloween as more of a lifestyle than a singular holiday.

Show off your admiration and love for the best winged mammals by hanging a cute bat suncatcher in your window. It uses real stained glass!

If you want to up the glam for your Halloween decorating, try a spooky mantel decoration that looks like lace spiderwebs.

No yard but love the classic kitschy pink flamingo lawn ornaments? Try a set of two skeleton flamingo lawn ornaments that you display in some of your bigger houseplants inside.

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