18 Awesome Tattoos That Have Real Meaning Behind Them

“For lovers of the art of photography”

“Fire, Air, Water, and Earth (me) sibling tattoo. We just went with elements that represent our personalities.”

“Mountain and wolf tattoo”

“My kiddo created a crazy creature out of construction paper so I had my tattoo artist interpret it!”

“The newest edition to my hobbit leg-sleeve”

“This couple’s tattoos hold deep meaning inside.”

“Planetary position at my child’s birth”

“Got my bird’s little talons on my shoulder forever now.”

“Trippy symmetrical design”

“Mermaid tattoo”

“I’ve wanted this for years and finally got it done.”

“My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies”

“The mushrooms that look like they’re growing out of the shoe.”

“My daughter’s voice saying, “I love you baba.”

“Finally did something with my scar.”

“With my father, I’ve done so many home renovation projects and every time we do them, we lose our tape measures.”

“Minimalist moon tattoo”

“We played Rock Paper Scissors to decide who got what.”

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