18 Beautiful Sights To Satisfy Your Soul

“An actual good looking backyard”

“I took a panorama of Bar Harbor, Maine in 2019. Yesterday I found a 1901 panorama taken from the same spot.”

“I got a picture of this oil mark right before some mad man ran it over”

“I took a picture of a traffic light through a bus shelter at just the right angle”

“Two top left pictures in my gallery almost line up perfectly into one shot”

“The underside of a lily pad”

“Nine years ago I encountered the perfect pancake.”

“This forest view from the outside”

“The Akhal-teke, a breed of horses over 3,000 years old”

“Lithops are South African plants that have evolved to look like stones”

“Not one vehicle crossing the road marker. Picture taken in Mizoram, India.”

“Lime cross-section”

“100 Wordle answers in a row.”

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