18 Countries With The Lowest Amounts Of Visiting Tourists


Annual visitors: 161,000.

This hidden gem can be found in the Caribbean. With stunningly clear water, charming and bright hotels, this tiny country has plenty to offer. Here you will find both simplicity and extravagance that can only be found in a place like this.


Annual Visitors: 160,000.

Moldova is a tiny country that can be found nestled between Ukraine and Romania. The capital, Chisinau, dates back as far as the 15th century and is known for having a wonderful wine culture. Beyond the city, the country is known for its rolling hills that would remind you of Italy.


Annual visitors: 157,000.

Niger is the perfect example of a country that has so much to offer but no one to share it with. In Niger, you can find stunning desert views, gorgeous mountains, and little towns that perfectly sum-up the culture of the Nigeriens. For all its beauty, the country lacks visitors mostly because of the fact that, at the moment, it is quite dangerous for foreigners. One day, perhaps, things will change and the world will be opened up to a beautiful country.

Burkina Faso

Annual visitors: 144,000.

This country, like Niger, is a dangerous place to be for visitors at the moment. However, the country itself is filled with stunning natural scenery that goes back thousands and thousands of years. From massive cliffs to seemingly never-ending deserts with beautiful towns and villages, this place is filled with culture and beauty.

New Caledonia

Annual visitors: 120,000.

If you’re a fan of pure blue water and warm weather, New Caledonia is the place for you. While it is technically French territory, it is found in the South Pacific. With palm trees, good people, rich culture and open-air markets abound, this place would make for a great trip for anyone.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Annual Visitors: 116,000.

Situated in the Caribbean, this country consists of two different islands. This place truly has something for everyone who loves to be outside. With endless beaches, forests for zip-lining, and mountains to explore, there is no shortage of fun outdoor activities to do here.


Annual visitors: 116,000.

One word: STUNNING. Declared as an official country in 1994, this gorgeous plot of earth is one of the newest countries around. While there are beaches and markets galore, the real treat is in the water. There are over 2,000 species of tropical fish in the water surrounding the country.


Annual Visitors: 116,000.

This incredibly remote string of over 80 islands is known for stunning beaches and lush forests. With a stunning coastline and waterfalls that would leave you breathless, Vanuatu is a must-see for the avid traveller.


Annual visitors: 85,000.

With a population of 37,000 and a length of approximately 15 miles, this country is truly one of the smallest around. However, it is FILLED with stunning towns, medieval buildings, and scenery that will make the visit absolutely worth it.

San Marino

Annual visitors: 84,000.

This is one of those countries that you probably didn’t even know was a country… as it’s situated inside of Italy. Yeah, a country within a country. This place is so small that there are about 50,000 more tourists per-year than there are actual residents. Nonetheless, it is stunning and has all of the old castles and scenery that one would hope for when travelling through the Italian countryside.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Annual visitors: 80,000.

The best part about taking ‘the road less traveled’ is that you really feel like the area is untouched. That is the case with this string of Islands in the Caribbean. mass tourism has yet to make any sort of impact on the area, leaving it yours to discover in its purest form. Blue water, white sand.


Annual visitors: 75,000.

After winning independence from Indonesia in 2002, Timor-Leste has found its way as an independent nation, slowly but surely finding its own identity for the rest of the world to discover. With a ton of biodiversity, the only thing that matches the beauty of the scenery is the beauty of the people.


Annual visitors: 63,000.

Coral reefs, deep lush forests, waterfalls, and volcanoes can all be found in this country. This place is truly an adventurers mecca and should be on the list for anyone who wants to unleash their inner Indiana Jones.

Sierra Leone

Annual visitors: 57,000.

When you think of Africa, you don’t necessarily think of lush green mountains and beaches. Well, Sierra Leone has plenty of both. While it is currently considered to be unsafe for tourists, the country will surely make for a beautiful travel experience some day.


Annual visitors: 55,000.

Nestled in the Caribbean, this territory of Britain is the picture-perfect example of beautiful beaches and warm weather.


Annual visitors: 36,000.

This country is currently going through a lot of change and is still only just starting to find its own identity. However, for all of the trouble, it is absolutely stunning. Situated on the East coast of Africa, near Madagascar, Comoros has white-sand beaches and gorgeous mountain views.

Solomon Islands

Annual visitors: 28,000.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit a country filled with uninhabited islands primed for you to discover on your own, this is the place to be. This country consists of 992 islands, 147 of which are inhabited. However, the real gem is in the water. Shipwrecks, coral reefs, and much more beauty can be found along the coastal waters of these islands.


Annual visitors: 9,000 .

Hundreds of volcanic eruptions during the 90s rendered this once-luxurious country a modern-day Pompeii. However, as time goes on, recovery begins to take over. With stunning caves, lush forests, and lots of wildlife, this country will surely move up the list in the near-future.

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