18 Crazy Apartment Fails

“My uncle’s house got a bathroom without a door, literally the first thing you see when you enter the house”

“When your security gate is a ladder.”

“These window reflections are painted on.”

“Extremely distressed by this ‘mood ring’ toilet seat I just saw on a craft FB group”

“One. Single. Blind.”

“I think my stairs fit here”

“The entrance to our apartment in Berlin…”

“This pillow at my grandparents house”

“I’ve never met Lauren but I already know I don’t like her.”

“Feeling insecure about how unoriginal and boring your bathroom tile grout is? Want to make a statement? Simply just cover that s@#t up with some glitter glue!”

“This counter looks like someone smeared s@#t on it”

“Sink attached to the toilet, forming a perfect slide”

“This underground garage gets jammed too easily”

“Good lord.”

“As a landlord, I am constantly amazed at some things my tenants do. I installed new curtain rods before the new tenant moved in, but she still felt it necessary to nail the curtains to the wall”

“Piano Wall”

“Tried to hang the curtain rod above my front door yesterday… didn’t realize what I had done til I stepped back.”

“Dad’s “life hack” didn’t make Mom as happy as he hoped.”

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