18 Crazy Jobs That Will Exist In The Future

Welcome to the future! Sadly, it might not be as glamorous as we hope, but hey, at least we’ll have sex robots!

“I live within sight of 3 mountains that weren’t there 10 years ago.

Throwing out recyclables is just banking plastics, metals, and glass for future generations.

Of course, mining landfills will be a significantly more dangerous job, you can smell the methane for miles and the loose structures of garbage will lead to collapses.”

“Possibly with sub-specialties in mechanical repair, programming, and appearance customization.

The entry-level job will be Sexbot cleaner.”

“A scientist that alters genetics for babies to be that much taller, smarter, blonder, etc.”

“Nature experts who try to undo the damage we’ve done by planting anything and everything they can around our concrete jungles.”

“You give them all your passwords, they go back and delete everything that might be an issue.”

*Sorry, Artificial Persons

“My oldest daughter works in a field that wasn’t even in existence when she was born!

There will be many jobs, and entire fields that we don’t even know about in probably ten years.”


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