18 Curious This Week Facts Are Here!

A car going five miles per hour slower than traffic has a greater chance of causing an accident than a car going five miles per hour faster.

Teddy Roosevelt is the only U.S. President confirmed to have had a tattoo.

Sheep used to graze in Central Park until 1934. They were removed during the Great Depression for fear that they would be eaten.

Google hires camels to capture their “street views” in deserts.

The process to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is actually very rigid and lengthy, and it even costs money–$40,000 to be exact.

A finger with nerve damage won’t wrinkle under water.

The continent of Australia is moving north 7 centimeters every year. It’s the fastest moving continental landmass in the world.

Michael Jordan now makes more money in a single year than he did in his entire 15-year NBA career.

Before Vermont became a US state they tried to become part of Quebec, but Quebec refused their entry and Vermont became a state instead.

According to a study, you’re less likely to spend money if you have larger bills in your wallet as opposed to smaller bills like $1 and $5.

Winston Churchill received a prescription for alcohol when he visited the United States during Prohibition, and his doctor wrote on the prescription, “The quantity [prescribed] is naturally indefinite.”

The longest living koi fish was 226 years old when she died.

Pineapples used to be valued at $5,000. Because of that, they were rarely eaten and used more as status symbols at parties.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal owns 17 Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Shops, 40 24-Hour Fitness clubs, 155 Five Guys restaurants, and 150 car washes.

When a crow dies, the other crows investigate if there’s a threat where the death occurred.

The average human poops $13 worth of precious metals a year.

A study found that only half of your friends would consider you their friend. People have a poor perception of friendship ties.




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