18 Everyday Actions Can Deform Your Body

“Archery will give you one big lat muscle.”

“Wrestlers get cauliflower ear from blood that collects in the outer ear after an injury and isn’t drained properly.”

“I have a noticeable dent in my pinkie from almost 2 decades of being a drawer/painter.”

“Marksmen have rather strange fingertips from where the trigger rests.”

“Pointe shoe feet from ballet. My friend once described it as “arthritis toes”. I also don’t really have a pinkie toenail anymore.”

“Surfers often get a growth in their ear that starts to close off the ear canal.”

“My great-grandma worked in a lollipop factory when she was a little girl FOB from Sicily until the age of 17. She had indents on the balls of her thumbs until the day she died from pushing the lollipop sticks into the machine over and over for a decade.”

“Cooks get calluses on the index finger of their knife hand from the spine of the knives. Also, fingers that are kind of dead to heat. After years in the kitchen, I can now flip omelets and pancakes with my bare hands.”

“Volinists get a spot on their necks – it looks exactly like a hickey.”

“Tailors used to get what was known as a Tailor’s Notch, usually in one of their front teeth, from biting thread to help break it.”

“I have a little dent on my ring finger where my pen rests, created from years of writing.”

“I’ve developed a thigh gap from riding horses. I ain’t complaining, I needed it.”

“Lines of callus at the end of your palm just before the fingers and lines of callus right before your first finger joints. They are usually from doing deadlifts when weightlifting.”

“For The Lord of the Rings films, two men hand-braided all of the fake chainmail (because they found a lightweight material, but no one was using it in the prop world so they had to do it themselves). They no longer have fingerprints on their thumbs or pointer fingers from doing it for years.”

“Rowing gives you calluses at the base and at each joint of your middle and ring fingers.”

“I worked in coffee shops for years and developed a callus in the outside of index finger where the steaming pitcher hung. I’ve been out of that industry for almost 10 years and it’s still there.”

“Skateboarders all have that weird scar on their elbow from falling and landing on their elbow first.”

“Piano players have widened gaps between their fingers.”


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