18 Everyday Things Hold Their Own Secrets

“Hmm… Did anyone else not know about black garlic?”

“This is how a cow’s mouth looks inside.”

“The inside of a hose looks like a water balloon.”

“A wasp nest was made on the window.”

“Corn smut from my garden”

“A dry bag that holds my tent has a constellation guide sewn in.”

“Found out I could see my veins while I was testing my Wyze camera for water damage.”

“This is what the inside of a sewing machine looks like.”

“Interior and controls of my Quay crane/ship to shore crane”

“She’s got 2 sets of bottom fangs at the moment!”

“A CT scanner but without all the white plastic covering it”

“My vitiligo under black light”

“Inside the operator cab of a 240-ft tower crane”

“This Japanese cup reveals a photo of a woman when you add liquid.”

“I’ve got too many bones in my mouth.”

“The interior and controls of my garbage truck”

“A roundabout inside a tunnel in Norway”

“An anti-shoplifting tag”

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