18 Family Photos That Deserved To Get Colorized

“My grandparents celebrate their 60 year anniversary next month and I would love to gift them a colorized version of this photo.”

“I colored a photo of my late grandmother when she was young as a gift for my grandpa”

“This picture of grandma deserved to be colorized for sure!”

“Elderly neighbor lady’s long-deceased mom, circa 1930. A surprise restoration (removing the cracks) would bring a needed smile for her.”

“We came across this old photo of my grandmother and her first husband.”

“We don’t really care about him but this is probably the best photo I’ve ever seen of her. If anyone can colorize and remove him that would be amazing!”

“Hi, I wanted to cheer up my grandma by colorizing this pic.”

“Hoping to surprise my dad on his birthday!”

“The only photo we have of my mom as a child in Lefkada, Greece”

“This is the only picture left of my grandparents and I wanted to frame it as a memory.”

“I’d love to show my aunt (the baby back then) and her siblings a colorized version of this picture. (~1963)”

“If someone is able to colorize this photo of my granddad we found, it would be greatly appreciated! The running Vicar.”

“My great-grandfather at 17 in 1944, colored by me”

“My late grandfather sitting in a red Ferrari. We’ve lost the original color photo and only have these black and white photocopies.”

“My wife’s grandparents both passed away recently and I wanted to frame this colorized pic for her birthday.”

“My great-grandmother and her child”

“Photo of my dad in the late ’60s”

“Please help me colorize this photo of my great-grandparents I just discovered.”

“My grandparents and uncle in the mid-1950s”

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  1. The running Vicar??? So Nike Trainers were around in 1944!!!

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