18 Family Relics That Have Survived For Generations

“My great-great-great-great-great-grandmother made this quilt and we’ve been using it ever since.”

“My grandmother made this for my great-great-grandparents 58 years ago. It has hung in their house, my great-grandparents’ house, my grandparents, and now it hangs in my first house!”

“The terrarium my grandmother made in 1969-1970ish”

“Dress my grandmother designed in 1959 for her 20th wedding anniversary. I wore it yesterday on her 100th birthday!”

“120-year-old quilt my great-great-grandmother made around 1900!”

“My dad uses my grandmother’s old blender almost every night to make a milkshake.”

“The 1950s Piaget bequeathed by my grandmother”

“My grandma passed away in March. One of the few things I have of hers is this ceramic Christmas tree. It was made by her grandmother.”

“Wearing my grandmother’s dress from when she married my grandfather in 1956”

“My grandmother’s flower quilt that my grandmother’s hand pieced, my mother’s hand quilted, and I’ve mended many a busted seam.”

“My grandmother crocheted me a baby blanket as an infant, and now as an adult, I’ve transformed that blanket into a cocoon cardigan. Grammy’s work still keeping me warm decades later.”

“Some pieces handed down from my great aunt that we used at our small family dinner yesterday”

“Had the honor of wearing my grandmother’s headpiece from the ’50s in my wedding.”

“Supposedly a century-old wooden chair carved with what I believe are unicorns that my mom bought in 1970 on Long Island (USA)”

“My great-grandmother’s set from the early 1920s”

“Just opened a Christmas decoration box to find my grandmother’s vintage tiger from the 1950s that I thought was missing!”

“My grandmother as a child wearing her great-grandmother’s dress from the 1890s — the dress is now in my possession. My x3 great-grandmother was born in 1841.”

“This is my great-great grandmother’s engagement ring. It has been passed down through the generations. It is not in the best condition, but it means so much.”

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