18 Hyped Up Movies That Didn’t End Up Well

The Dark Tower

“I was really hopeful but when it came out, I couldn’t even finish it. Horrible adaptation of an amazing story.”


Suicide Squad

“I thought this movie will be a banger but nope. It was a +1 hour of a shit show that contained just songs playing constantly”


Mortal Engines

“The final nail in the coffin that killed any interest in me for adaptations.”


Independence Day: Resurgence

“Loved the first one when it came out. Loved the trailer for the second one. But the movie was probably made for a demographic way younger than me.”



“Just a bad movie.”


The Crimes of Grindelwald

“One of the worst written and boring blockbuster movies I’ve ever seen.”



“Maybe “terrible” is too harsh of a word (there’s some good stuff in there, the “self-c-section” scene is fantastic body horror), but as a lifelong fan of the Alien franchise, I spent a full year in denial about this film trying to convince myself it was great. It just isn’t, and especially after the trailers looked so incredible, the news about the massive practical sets they’d built, the fact they got an R rating… Man, what a huge swing and a miss.”


Assassin’s Creed

“Everyone who loves the game was so hyped but it turned out to be sh#t”


Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

“Trailer looked amazing. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!”


Artemis Fowl

“People waited decades for that sh#te”


Ender’s Game

“I read it when it came out in the mid 80s. I’ve read every sequel. I waited 30 damn years and it s#cked so bad I wanted to throw things at the screen.”


Wonder Woman 1984

“Wooof. A wait well not f@#king worth it! Also, the entire newest batch of Star Wars films (minus Rogue One, which was fantastic)”

Avatar: The Last Air Bender

“One of the worst movies I’ve ever seen but the tv show was incredible”


Black Dahlia

“I remember this came out about the same time as Hollywoodland, which was also neo-noir but really excellent. I saw them both in theaters and was really flabbergasted at how bad Black Dahlia was.”


Battlefield Earth

“Was heavily marketed at the time, and looked really cool, but it is one of the worst pieces of garbage ever made.”


The Mummy (2017)

“I had lots of hope for the latest mummy movie. I loved the Brendan Fraiser ones. Tiny Tom Cruise was horrible and the cgi was worse than the originals”


Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

“Really awful adaptation of a great book.”


And lastly…

“I’m just hoping it’s not going to be Dune”


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