18 Job Roles That Tend to Attract Troublesome People

People often believe they dislike their jobs, but certain professions truly aren’t worthwhile. Numerous careers either draw in individuals with issues or the nature of the work itself causes problems. On r/AskReddit, the discussion revolves around jobs that tend to have the most problematic individuals in them. It’s essential to make careful choices when selecting your profession.

Psychologist.. the stories they hear sometimes have to mess with their head 100%

People I have met who are “Life Coaches” seem to be the most whack-a-doodle people ever.

As a cps worker, the investigation supervisors were all having affairs and one strangled the new hire in the office. Our judge got a DUI. Even HR was sleeping with the office manager.

People that work in car dealerships.

Prison guards.

People in the restaurant industry seem to develop substance abuses very frequently. I don’t think the industry attracts those people, but rather the stress of the job combined with the availability of alcohol and other drugs create the perfect storm.

Healthcare. Some of the best providers I have ever met have very interesting life stories or ****** up pasts.

Police seem to me to be stress cases and walking relationship disasters.

Academia. Think of all the smart dysfunctional weirdos from your high school. Now picture them 40-80 years old, refuse to retire, and they can’t be fired thanks to tenure. It’s a nightmare.

Corporate mid-level managers they’re either sadistic or ******* cowards.

Film industry. Lots of egomaniacs and emotionally unavailable individuals. 10+ hour days with lots of unforeseen overtime back to back for weeks or months at a time. Then you end up unemployed for months at a time, gearing up for the next onslaught of work. Either always travelling for the job in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a studio. We say “the **** runs downhill” so usually anyone in a higher position feels the need to belittle you. Barely anyone likes to take accountability and will quickly pass on the blame if they can, again usually to someone down the chain.

Religious Leaders

Real Estate Agents. Gotta be a massive c*nt to do that job.

H.R They all seem snakey and looking for ways to stab you in the back and sack as many people as possible. Some sort of power trip I think.

Professional wrestling. I just watched Hulk Hogan interview on Theo Vons podcast and it’s amazing how he’s still alive and 90% of his friends are dead.

Tattooing. Lots of man-children

Funeral services. If you aren’t a psychopath who is looking to fleece bereaved families, you become a burnt-out shell of a human in no time flat. We are an industry that requires little to no formal education (depending on your location) and can be the most soul draining industry to work in. Long hours, ****** work conditions, trauma, verbal and physical abuse from the public, mediocre pay, and the haunting imagery that comes from dealing with the dead. This industry has no mental health support and actively treats you like **** if you even mention the fact that you may require therapy.

Slaughterhouses. Some of the workers are there because they don’t have a lot of other options but some are actively seeking out these jobs because they derive pleasure from abusing and killing creatures that are at their mercy and it shows in the unnecessary cruelty they inflict on those animals every day. Wouldn’t recommend watching hidden camera footage of what goes down in those joints.

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