18 Jobs That May Become Useless In The Near Future

The teen magazine industry. I used to read them and they were so many, but now they’re just gone. They’re either online or non-existent. I really think that due to the Internet and social media, the purpose of those magazines is obsolete., to say the least.”


“Also one no one thinks of is arcade game technician. There are already very few of these around and its a dying breed. I know a few and they are older and ready to retire and there really aren’t any that are young, if there are some that are young, we are talking very few and far between. This was a very common job in the 1980’s when arcades were booming. Someone had to keep the machines running.”


“Cemeteries. I think it is up to about 70% cremation and hardly anyone buys plots anymore. It really is a dying industry.”


“Printers. Which is weird to say as I’m a printer repair tech. But yeah they are slowly dying out. My company has started diversifying into other areas because we literally had a drop of like 60% last year.”


“These shoe-shining stores in NYC, can’t understand how they afford the rent”


“How can Lamp Shade stores pay the rent?!?”


“Cashiers and front of house.

I checked into a B&B and never saw a representative the entire time i was there. was given a code to my room via text after checking in online. never saw a soul.”


“Former strip club DJ then manager here. Strip clubs are dying.

Hip hop keeps the strip club industry alive right now, because it’s great for your Instagram to be throwing money at the stage while Future mumbles over the PA.

But it’s a whole lot different to be an entertainer now. In the early 2000’s and before, the strip club industry was thriving, because you couldn’t just go on your phone and watch the most taboo thing you could think of.”


“Business Cards.”


“Neon signs. There used to be a neon sign on every business. But neon signs are full of chemicals (some rather dangerous) like neon, argon, and mercury. Not to mention they can be a fire hazard and very inefficient with electricity use compared to LED’s. In fact, in America, a lot of places have made them illegal or at least changed building codes to no longer allow them. I’m in the business, and have friends that went to school for neon bending (it requires a lot of chemistry) that are now struggling.”


“Bee Keeping

Bee Keepers are older and retiring. Young people are saddled with debt and are not interested in so much work. Also problems such as Bee Colony Collapse Disorder taking out over 20% of beehives.

Beekeepers can make over $100,000 a year BTW.

Bees are essential to agriculture the would most certainly be in demand.”


“Check printing! Soon, Snoopy checks will just be a thing of the past, as well as the memory of how to write one. Come to think of it, paper coupons and the inserts that advertised those custom checks, as well!”


“In dry areas, like the vast south western part of the US for instance, the whole lawn care industry is in for a shut down. Say goodbye to lawnmowers, leaf blowers, say hello to beautiful yards with native plants that are much better for the environment”



Remember when we waited for our favorite songs to come up, waited for shows and gossips on them or their top 10 songs chart. These days are gone!”


“Casual cameras.

Especially digital cameras.

Smartphones generally have a similar quality, and you already have one. They have integrated flash drives anyway. You don’t need to own a camera to take pictures. The casual market for them will die – obviously, professional cameras will still be around, but they’re an extreme niche. You won’t buy a several thousand dollar camera to take vacation pictures.”


“Big retail stores, like JC Penny or Macy’s. But who is going to host the Thanksgiving parade??”


“Cab drivers. Ever since Uber/Lyft came around and became much more reliable I do not remember the last time I went in one.”


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