18 Kids That Said Some Really Scary Things

“When my son was little (3 or 4ish) he would wake up with bruises on his forearms that looked like little hands had gripped him too hard. When we asked what was happening he told us an elaborate story about a little girl that lived in his closet and wanted him to hide in there with him.

We sort of assume that he was grabbing his own arms in his sleep and having nightmares but that was definitely horror movie material. He said she wore a dirty white dress, her hair was falling out, her smile was too big and she had red fingers. Bruh.”


“Mummy, there’s monsters watching you from the woods’ said my three year old when we moved into our new place and I was washing dishes by the big windows that look out to the woods. I laughed it off and closed the blinds.”


“A little girl in my church nursery once told me “They are here, in the walls. Don’t let them in.” She was talking about a mouse she saw in the church kitchen.”


“You Can’t plant those flowers because they will die like you”…Im Just a sweet gardener and this HAPPENED.


“I was at a family party with my cousin. He’s about 4-5ish. He had a glow stick with him and he kept hitting me with it, so as any other person would do, I took the glow stick and hid it. After that, he told me we could either do this the easy way or the hard way and held a pop gun to my head. The gun weirdly looked like a real gun. Needless to say, I didn’t give him his glow stick back.”


“When my daughter was 3 she randomly turned to me one afternoon and out of the blue said “It wouldn’t matter if you died. I’d just get a new mommy”. And then went back to playing.”


“I’m a preschool teacher so I have a ton of these. Most recently, a 3 year old told me “I’m scared of the peekaboo clown,” and I was like s@#t, dude, I don’t even know what that is but now I am too.”


“Daughter was 3, we laid her down in our room for a nap. I went in to check on her and she was not in the bed. I freak out for a second… in the darkness I hear a low & faint child’s whisper from behind the chair saying “I’m right here Daddy.” The way she said it made the hairs on my neck stand up. I’m glad my daughter popped out from behind the chair quickly because I halfway thought my child was possessed by a demon.”


“No child’s ever freaked me out but apparently I scared my parents. We were looking for a new house during the sars epidemic. They found a house they really liked, but apparently child me came up to my mom and said “I made new friends, they told me they died here mom”. A family did get killed in that house a couple months prior. I can’t remember this and I wanna say it’s just a coincidence, but my mom still tells this story every now and then.”


“Not said, but did. My little sister used to sleepwalk. One night after I had finished watching a horror film, I heard banging on my door. I was freaking the f@#k out, it was 3am. I opened the door to find my sister head butting the door, fast asleep. I nearly shat my pants. I turned her around and took her back into her room, then stayed awake the rest of the night.”


“In the middle of the night my niece woke up and it was pitch black in the room, I heard her moving and I said her name and she responds in the gravely voice, right by my head “Don’t say my name.” Thought I was about to get murdered by a 5 year old.”


“There’s a mean man in the woods who wants to kill us with a guitar” Said by my 2.5 year old as I loaded the dishwasher. Now I can never trust forest musicians.”


“My daughter: “We should play Frozen, but only when the parents DIE.””


“The babies crying! Do you hear it? The boogy man grabbed the baby!” There was no baby.”


“It was a family friends daughter, about 4yo at the time. She stabbed her grandmother in the leg with a fork. When I asked why she did it, she deadpan said: ‘the voices told me to do it’.”


“My Japanese host family’s little daughter once said to me completely seriously “there’s a ghost behind you” then ran away and hid. I told her parents so we could laugh about it and they replied that she’d never done that before.”


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  1. It’s all fake and made up and DONT be one of those retards that’s say kids minds are more open. WHAT just cause their minds are open not by choice they can see shit, BUT as adults, we cant see shit because we choose to try open our minds. Retarded.
    Kids are always seeing objects/people like figures in trees and chairs and they have good memories of shows and movies.
    These people are watching horror movies in front of their kids or their kids watched em without parents knowledge.
    Soe are made up just for the likes and clicks…

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