18 Little Things That Made People’s Lives Better

“Quitting alcohol. My life has completely changed in only the best ways. Most notably Ive accomplished all of my dreams. I went back to school and earned my bachelors, found the love of my life and got married, lost a bunch of weight and somehow look like I’ve aged backwards. Now my only problem is coming up with new dreams.”


“Going from working a 9-5 office job to 100% remote. I wish I’d done this *years* ago.”


“The kidney transplant I just received on Monday (Feb 15, 2021).”


“Got out of syria, not safe yet but its a lot better right now.”


“Losing a significant amount of weight. My overall health is so much better. I sleep like the dead every night, when before I suffered badly from insomnia. My blood pressure has come down to normal levels. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. I have cut back on the amount of medication I have to take, which obviously means I have money to spend that I didn’t before.

I love exercising, even when I was morbidly obese, I enjoyed walking. Now I enjoy walking and I can walk so much further and faster than I could before. Another thing is the major change in my mental health. I was in a very dark space, and I realized the other day how much more positive my outlook in life has become.

10/10 reccomend. My journey has been slow, but it has been so worth it!”


“Finally getting proper medication for my ADHD at 22 years old. Literally has improved every aspect of my life, no more sleepless nights, no more decision paralysis and no more procrastination!”


“Got a dog. Good move on my part”


“Had a kid. My father died when I was a baby and my mother never remarried. I’m happy to give my kid a two parent home and full attention.

So weird that I can think of it as a redo on my life but my son is a completely different person than me. All I know is that I have to be there for him every day and be consistent.”


“Getting a vasectomy.”


“Deleting Facebook”


“Giving up on trying to cure being a introvert and just being happy”


“Starting therapy”


“Breaking up with my ex and finding someone who was so much better for me. It makes a world of difference. My mental and physical health improved. It’s pretty incredible how a miserable relationship can drag you down, and how a happy one can change you for the better.”


“I quit smoking weed. I’m more productive and organized than ever. My depression is gone, too. Dreaming is nice. I also enjoy remembering things and never being too high to do anything.”


“Finally telling my best friend that I was in love with them. We’ve been dating for two years now and every moment is like living in a dream. They’re sitting next to me right now cluelessly singing out loud with headphones in and I’m OBSESSED.

Also, Covid has allowed me to drive around the country while working remotely and actually do a lot of the hikes that have always been on my bucket list. It really changed my life by reaffirming my long term goals (stay healthy, get outdoors when I can).”


“Learning how to say no. This literally helped me out so much!”


“I decided a long time ago to improve myself daily… my life has improved significantly since then

Went from facing 6 years in prison, working fast food

To making over 100k per year and living pretty cozy

Can’t wait to see what I can do in the next decade”


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