18 People Show Off Their Best DIY Stuff

“The first paper bird I made, a life-sized goldfinch”

“My new ski helmet that I made”

“I made a dress from a pattern I designed myself.”

“I made a large, fully-functional AirPod.”

“This is my self-made Captain Marvel cosplay.”

“A ring my dad and I made together”

“I’m a self-taught crocheter and I made this.”

“I made an inexpensive desk.”

“I made a dragon out of packing peanuts.”

“I made this blanket. It’s the daily high and low temperatures for Denver in 1992.”

“I made a coffee table and put a moss garden in it.”

“I made a model of Azkaban.”

“I made a piano shelf.”

“I made an underwater jungle that’s almost entirely self-sustainable. It’s even home to a few shrimp!”

“I made a penny floor that turned out to be cheaper than a real floor.”

“I’m very proud of this mailbox I made.”

“I painted a morning landscape on a penny.”

Bonus: “We made a jean chair.”

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