18 People Who Try To Make The World A Better Place

“Bamboo that grew without the effects of human touch”

“Saw this lovely old lady giving water to a family of ducks who are miles away from a pond.”

“Somebody built a sun shade to protect a pigeon and the chicks in her nest.”

“This 130-year-old tree at a park is supported by metal beams.”

“My local cafe recycles empty milk boxes as coffee carrying trays.”

“This hospital parking attendant brings food for a mama duck and her baby.”

“An old man tending to a pigeon’s foot”

“My cousin was fishing when he rescued this deer who was so tired it was starting to drown.”

“A neighbor put out a water station for dogs to help them keep cool during the heat wave.”

“An anonymous person left this old bird a cup of water.”

“An amazing reforestation effort in Japan”

“This tree was saved during road construction.”

“Someone built a cute house for stray cats, and they love it.”

“When I brush my dog, I put his hair in an empty bird feeder. Today, I found a nest in the driveway made with his fur.”

“Made a bug hotel for the garden.”

“When humans build around nature”

“Got a cool shot of the wildlife bridge built for deer and bears in the area.”

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