18 People With Excellent DIY Home Renovation Skills

“Got a Persian rug!”

“Re-did my mom’s ’60s laundry room. It was tough to fit everything in such a small space, but I’m happy with the result.”

“I painted the cabinets and the walls.”

“Some custom shelves I built for my cats to play on — fun and functional decoration!”

“Adding built-ins to our big bare living room made a HUGE difference.”

“Before and after I moved in my husband’s apartment”

“A cheap kitchen update with some neon tape”

“From the moment I saw this odd, off-center hallway in my 1880s bungalow, I knew it was meant to become a library.”

“The neon says it all, my pink kitchen.”

“My cozy, tiny sauna I just added to the house”

“How I separated my bed in my one-room apartment”

“’How difficult is it to remove this medicine cabinet, what do I do with the hole after, and what should I use in its place?’ says me, a 72-year-old lady.”

“I painted it a light pink/orange and added some decor.”

“I just wanted to show you the mural that I painted on our staircase.”

“A little weekend project”

“Hung a shelf in the bathroom.”

Source: brightside.me

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