18 Photos Full Of Secrets

“I designed another Excalibur necklace.”

“The only way to put it on or off is to remove the sword from the stone, which can only be released by pressing the hidden button on the stone.”

“My piano from 1885 has a hidden pop-out candle holder.”

“This hotel I stayed at has a billiards room through a secret door behind this bookshelf.”

“This restaurant’s secret menu”

“A secret closet entrance: a Doctor Who TARDIS.”

“Our son always wanted a secret room so I built this TARDIS. Found some lockers that a school was going to throw out and made a sweet walk-in closet to the bathroom.”

“There’s a hidden Discover logo on this credit card that only appears under UV light.”

“This toy has a secret message inside of it after a dog rips it open.”

“My boxers have a secret message on the inside of the fly.”

“My friend’s couch has a secret wine compartment.”

“I dropped an old camel souvenir that revealed a secret compartment on its back that I never knew about.”

“Locked bathroom doors in airplanes can be unlocked from the outside.”

“The lock bolt is usually hidden under a sign that says ’lavatory’ or something similar.”

“The hidden ironing board in the house we rented”

“We made a secret passageway slide into our greenhouse through a wardrobe!”

“Bought a house, and it came with a secret cabinet behind a cabinet.”

“Brought a house that had a hidden room — I found it when I parked a bus on it.”

“This dining table has a hidden game compartment under the table.”

“My cake came with a knife that has hidden matches for birthday candles.”

“Cool pantry”

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