18 Photos Prove That Animals Know How To Be Friends

“They are best buddies!”

“Niv (the monkey) coddles the bird that always runs to him when it’s feeling scared and is seeking shelter.”

“This is Raylan with Emmy. Raylan’s face may be whiter, but his love of cuddling kittens is just as strong as always!”

“A friend of mine gave a brooding chicken 3 goose eggs to sit on, she hatched all 3 and loves her giant babies.”

“This unsure puppy is cuddling with some kitties.”

“This mama hen adopted all of these baby ducks without even a second thought.”

“It seems like Winifred and Raylan are best friends now. This dog takes care of this rescued kitty.”

“This couple just pierced our hearts with their friendship!”

“My dog adopted a kitten into her litter… here’s one of the pups cuddling with the new addition.”

“German Shepherd and baby owl are like 2 peas in a pod.”

“My old man Great Dane cuddling our 4-week-old rescue puppy”

“Marquis rescued 6 puppies. Not only did she keep them warm, but she was also catching mice for them to eat.”

“This kitten is sleeping with newborn goat kids.”

“My cat’s cleaning his duck and keeping him company.”

“Our goat lost her mother when she was very young, since then she and our llama have been inseparable.”

“A photo of a young female crow next to her surrogate family”

“She was found in bad shape in May on a road in Sweden and was placed in this henhouse. She behaves like a hen and is afraid of other crows.”

“Koko the gorilla couldn’t become a mother herself, but she shared her motherly love with many purring kittens over the years.”

“My dad’s cat found 2 baby opossums this morning and is acting like they are her kittens.”

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