18 Photos Prove That Internet Has All The Answers

“I’ve been wondering what this is for years its on my roof (flat roof) and the house is very old!”

A: “Looks like school/fire/factory/village bell housing to me. Would have had a cupola over it in many cases. Maybe 70-130 years old but my husband is the welder so he’d know more than I.”

“What is this white globe on top a building?”

A: “Appears to be a radome for some sort of radar system.”

“Roughly 2ft x 2ft plastic with v shaped channels filled with glass beads at 12’000ft.”

A: “It could collect rainwater and then the beads keep bees from falling in and drowning. I’ve seen that in bird feeders.”

“What is this item? All night we are solving this. It slides open and there is tiny piece of fiam inside.”

A: “A finger wetter for counting money or turning pages”

“It’s a toilet paper roll wrapped in a yellow cleaning cloth, that is attached by gummy strings and clear tape. The cloth is stuffed into the roll on one end.”

A: “We called these splooge tubes… For the smoking.”

“What is this grain-like substance that keeps appearing on my floor?”

A: “Termite castings.”

“Object found in kitchen of deceased relative. About 18” long. Puck shaped end is heavy solid metal.”

A: “Seems it can be called either a carmelizer or salamander. You heat the “puck” and you hold it over the food to brown or melt the surface cheese, like a french onion soup.”

“Victorian Mystery Object. Blunt and too big for a needle threader.”

A: “It’s a bodkin. For threading ribbon, lacing corsets, etc.”

“What is this leather thing that was in a subscription box? We can’t figure it out!”

A: “It’s a bookmark.”

“My fiancée has this mug and we can’t figure out what Santa is supposed to be holding? (it just says “holly jolly holidays”)”

A: “It’s a list like a scroll, a naughty and nice list I’d imagine.”

“My husband found this in our new houses ice maker? It’s jade we think.”

A: “Mount Lai The De-Puffing Jade Eye Massage Tool.”

“What is this thing, small blue and plastic found in house. no clue what it could be.”

A: “I have this exact thing. It’s the antennae from this snail thing, it completely disassembles and is so annoying we threw it away.”

“What are these large shapes in the Firth of Forth (Scotland) that look like sunken ships? Zoomed in photo and coordinates in second photo.”

A: “My guess is that since google earth is a combination of lots of photo, it’s multiple photos of the same ship and open sea all layered on top of each other.”

“Xmas gift from MIL. The bottom has a pouch on the black side. No clasps/handles/straps. Made of similar fabric to a potholder or oven mitt, but it’s huge. Approx 1.5-2 ft across.”

A: “It’s a steering wheel cover to prevent the sun heating it up in summer.”

“Found next to German bath tub. It’s hollow and fits in the drain perfectly.”

A: “It’s a plug for showers. German bathtubs and sinks have a hole at the top to prevent overflow/spillage. For some reason showers lack those, at least old models. You can use those plugs to fill your shower with water without risking to flood your bath.”

“25cm high, the stand might be bronze, the ring is made of many seperate wooden pieces, what could it be?”

A: “It resembles a tribal necklace from Indonesia that’s made from coconut palm.”

“Squishy rubber balls a little less than 1/2 inch in diameter with divots. Found about a dozen in the street outside my house.”

A: “It’s Nerf ammo”

“Black plastic pipe near entrance to a park. Has a wire coming out near the capped bottom.”

A: “It is for discarding / recycling used fishing line.”

Source: www.reddit.com

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