18 Photos Prove That Nature Always Takes What Is Hers

“An abandoned roller coaster being taken over by nature”

“The Roosevelt Gold Mine in Ohio City, Colorado, abandoned in 1919”

“An abandoned hard hat reclaimed by goose barnacles”

“Took a hike to the ghost trains out in the Maine woods.”

“An abandoned cottage in England”

“An abandoned reservoir hidden in the woods built during WWII as a part of a larger temporary military complex”

“Visited this 50-year-old desert ghost town outside Dubai this week. Pretty rad development, and lots of buildings to explore. Only accessible through off-roading over sand dunes. We did it in a Ford Explorer. Pretty fun.”

“An abandoned church in rural Virginia — happy Sunday, y’all!”

“An old bunker in Norway”

“I found an abandoned forest on an abandoned roof in an abandoned villa in Italy.”

“Rosie’s Diner, home of many Brawny Paper Towel commercials and featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

“Anyone up for some mini-golf? This is an abandoned course behind Rosie’s Diner in Michigan.”

“’Don’t play with me,’ a.k.a. an abandoned piano becomes a part of the scenery in Uzupis in Vilnius.”

“An abandoned iron forge in Kentucky”

“An abandoned ship in Belgium”

“An abandoned mobile station over a cemetery with medkits and electrical engineering stuff”

“An abandoned hydroelectric plant in Waga River, Japan”

“Found the sheriff’s house.”

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