18 Photos Prove That Time Is A Flat Circle

“My mom in 1966 and today. Still rocking the same shirt 55 years later.”

“My brother and I on our ten year apart high school graduations.”

“Mom on the left, son on the right. 20 years apart.”

“My great grandmother and I, 80 years apart”

“My son and I 30 years apart: 2014 on the left, 1984 on the right”

“In honor of my grandpa, who passed a year ago, here are pictures of him and grandma about 50 years apart.”

“10 years apart”

“My parents, pictured 37 years apart. I think they have aged pretty well.”

“My dad on his way to a concert, 35 years apart. The shirt still fits!”

“My grandfather and I in Tokyo, 73 years apart”

“My dad and my son, 70 years’ span”

“2 years ago my step dad sat in this spot. This morning, my mom sat in the same spot on our first Father’s Day without him.”

“Same place, same cat, two years difference”

“3 years apart, some things never change.”

“Same spot, different centuries”

“My sister and I each took a photo of half of our face and put them next to each other. We are 1 1/2 years apart.”

“9 years ago and now”

“My daughter and I attended each other’s HS graduation, 16 years apart.”

Credits: brightside.me

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