18 Photos Show That Animals Just Never Grow Up

“Penny is showing off her empty yogurt container — no, it wasn’t stuck.”

“Being watched while preparing a large meal at a friend’s house”

“The tongue hanging out is what gets me.”

“Trying the tree for lunch”

“Stuck in a bird feeder in front of his squirrel friends. He got out.”

“She thinks I can’t see her.”

“I tried to get some nice pictures of the pup.”

“This is the most perfect photo I took in 7 years as a cat owner.”

“My cousin’s dog after her nap”

“I’m trying to work, but this guy is distracting me so hard.”

“What I put up with when gaming”

“Why is everyone laughing at me? I stole this, I’m a bad boy!”

“A squirrel near a dispensary thinks he is people.”

“What do you mean, I sits weird?”

“This sequence of my cat yawning is really something to behold.”

“He saw the cat do it one time and this happens.”

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