18 Photos Show That Even “Harry Potter” Movies Weren’t Perfect

The board is being screwed at one angle, but in the next scene, the board changes its location and has a crack in it.

When Harry enters the magic wand shop for the first time, his scar disappears for a few seconds.

Ron’s hair always changes when he meets Harry in the Hogwarts Express car.

In the scene where the children learn to control their brooms, Hermione’s hair mysteriously becomes straight.

You can see “non-magical” safety lines during almost all the Quidditch games.

The legendary candles have nylon threads instead of magic.

You can see Professor Quirrell’s hair at the beginning of the movie, but as we remember, this character should be bald.

In the first movie about the young wizard, the characters wore eyeglasses with lenses, but in the second part of the saga, eyeglasses were worn without lenses to avoid a glare.

In the famous scene when Harry hits the wall, you can see that his owl Hedwig is not real.

When the Whomping Willow attacks the car, it leaves a big dent on its roof, but in the next scene, the dent disappears.

We can see a cameraman during the duel between Harry and Malfoy.

Dudley Dursley’s shorts suddenly change their pattern when he meets dementors in the pedestrian tunnel.

In the scenes about Lily Potter’s death, the heroine has a blue long-sleeved sweater on in the first movie. But in the last movie, her clothes are different.

Harry’s shirt collar is around his neck at first, but when the shot changes, it’s below his shoulders.

You can see a letter with bent corners in Hagrid’s pocket. But as soon as it gets into the goblin’s hands, it immediately becomes smooth.

When the Sorting Hat sends Harry to the table of Gryffindor, he sits next to Ron. But in the next shot, we can see that he’s sitting next to Hermione.

When Harry lies in bed and has a nightmare, he has a simple T-shirt on. But when he wakes up, his T-shirt has buttons.

When Dolores Umbridge questions Potter, we can see that there is no spoon in the saucer. But in a split second, it’s there.

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