18 Photos Show That Secrets Are All Around Us

“The only way to put on this necklace is by drawing this sword from its sheath. There is a secret. You need to push a button that’s hidden between 2 dragons.”

“When this book is closed, you can see stars. But if you curve the front edge, you’ll see a hidden drawing.”

“I took apart this lamp from the 1970s that I’ve had forever, and it had a second bulb to light up the bottom!”

“My gel has a secret English translation for the ingredients.”

“This belt is built with protection against theft. It’s a modern alternative to having a pocket in your underwear.”

“This necklace reveals the hidden ability to project the reflected sunlight into a clear image. It has the word “love” hidden on it.”

“I create hidden fore-edge paintings. This is my latest within Anne of Green Gables.”

“I thought it was an ordinary compact powder. But it turned out it had a hidden compartment with a mirror and sponge.”

“The hidden ironing board in the house we rented”

“In reality, it’s not a tree but a cell tower.”

“This memo pad transforms into Hogwarts Castle.”

“My vintage dress has a small weight sewn into the collar to keep it from flipping over.”

“I found this shark hidden on the hinge of the glove box.”

“This slide at a local park has baby turtles slightly hidden underneath it.”

“I gave my partner a necklace for Christmas. On Valentine’s Day, I opened the secret compartment in the necklace with the engagement ring inside, and I proposed. She said yes!”

“I bet lots of people who sat on it were unaware of its secret.”

“My dining room table houses a secret spiral staircase.”

“I bought a package of salad that said on it: ’The gift is inside.’ This is the gift.”

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