18 Photos That Remind Us Bad Days Are Normal

This collection captures moments of adversity, frustration, and setbacks, serving as a reminder that even on our worst days, we’re not alone in facing life’s challenges.

“I got bit by a grasshopper and it drew blood!”

“Was getting chicken ready for tomorrow and then this happens.”

“Thought it was safe to leave a single food packet out in my room over night”

Welp, no more mowing for now.

“Asked for a fade and got this.”

“Kitchen cabinets came crashing down at 4am last night”

“My friend got a new car today and the wheel fell off while driving it.”

“I packed a big lunch, then grabbed an empty lunch box by accident while in a rush to get out the door.”

“My Girlfriend Ripped my Painting”

“Siding crew ran out of siding and stole some from the completed side on a street corner. Won’t get a new shipment until next week…”

“I tried to ride a bicycle again after 13 years”

“I left the door open bringing in groceries “

“This is what my Mum got for 50 years of service. They only remembered after she brought in a cake. No more than £20 spent.”

“Paid $300 for seats with a clear view since my gf is very short, drove nearly 2 hours to get to the concert early, took the day off work. This was oir view for the entire concert.”

“When you get your fav wings from your fav spot then have to unexpectedly slam on the breaks.”

“I accidentally dropped my gorilla light and it broke”

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