18 Really Terrible Lunches

“I ordered home fries from a breakfast place.”

Maybe they thought home fries meant that you’d fry them at home.”

“We just asked for extra salt…”

“This is what happens when you order a cheeseburger with ketchup.”

“I ordered a bacon and cheese omelet. This is what I got. But I’m a truck driver and was hungry, so I finished it.”

“I ordered a double espresso and this is what I got.”

“Can I have a little more white sauce, please?”

“What the heck is under all that?”

“Make me a hotdog with mustard.”

“I asked for my burger to be cut in half.”

“I ordered an espresso shot over ice this morning. I’m just trying to drink this frozen garbage as fast as I can.”

“I went to KFC and asked for the new waffle sandwich. This is what I got.”

“We asked for extra Cane’s sauce and they gave us EXTRA Cane’s sauce.”

“We were in a restaurant. My friend ordered the cheese pancake. That’s what she got. She was really hungry, so she ate it. And we’re the kinds of people who are too polite to complain.”

“My mom ordered ’cheese ramen.’ And this didn’t happen in the US — it was in Korea.”

“This is what light mayo looks like.”

“My girlfriend ordered a vegan crunchy taco and she got this. There are only lettuce leaves and black beans in there.”

“When I asked for extra egg in Tokyo, Japan”

“When you order ice cream with a cone:”

“I just asked for extra cheese on my burger.”

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