18 School Lessons That Are Absolutely Pointless

Nutrition. When I started elementary school it was the four food groups. By high school it was the food pyramid, and by college it was myplate. They have absolutely no idea about nutritional guidelines, they constantly change them and can’t make up their minds.

It’s way to dizzying to try to keep up. Who knows what it’ll become next?

Every year I was taught that teachers next year will only take work in cursive.

The tongue map. It’s false, and they still teach it after more than 20 years.

I once spent a whole 5-hour lesson learning to delete a file folder and create a file folder on Windows 7 during a trade school course I paid 25k to go to.

How Elephants have sex.

Badgers will bite your legs until they hear a crack, so put pine cones in your boots.

I was told this almost every time we had a field trip to the woods. I was convinced badgers would be a constant danger my whole life.

To this day, I’ve only ever seen a single badger and he kept his distance.

I had two teachers in elementary school that would make us watch slideshows of pictures from the vacations they took together to Washington DC and random @$$ places. Not sure that was on the state tests or anything lol.

You’ll write all of your college papers in MLA format so learn it and learn it well…

Get to college and it’s APA format or GTFO

“you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket you know”

…the fact remains that the majority of the population is now carrying a calculator around with them…

We watched videos of earthworms mating and having babies in bio class for a solid half an hour. I am still scarred by that incident and still wondering was that necessary?

You have to wear a uniform to prepare you for real life and work.

“Homework should be an easy nonstress-inducing task”

Yeah f@#king right!

Sex. I haven’t used it at all!

“if you ignore the bullies, they’ll leave you alone.” They only left my brother and I alone when I stuck my thumb in one of their eye sockets.

Memorizing everything from the literature book. EVERYTHING. Poems. Stories. Summaries. Answers of questions in the books. And so on. Ffs, how are these supposed to help in life.

It doesn’t matter what career you choose, the useless things to learn is the date of Birth of historical characters.

How to play Hot Cross Buns on the recorder.

On the DAY we left school for COVID, I had a class in HANDSHAKES. F@#KING HANDSHAKES. Apparently because giving a good handshake was “respectable” we were shown a PowerPoint on how to do it and were given “homework” to PRACTICE it on others because we couldn’t practice it among ourselves.

All of this was of course in the height of the pandemic and, obviously, no handshakes are allowed. Wtf school

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