18 Things Too Small To Be True

“Shrews have such tiny grabbies!”

“I’m not a giant, I’m just installing new flooring at a preschool.”

“My mom just gave me these old playing cards!”

“Some turtles and tortoises seem like dinosaurs, but definitely not this one.”

“The smallest Ikea bag ever!”

“Pipsqueak on my thumb and I have pretty small hands.”

“An uber small paper crane I made — the penny is for scale.”

“My friend mailed me this very tiny package.”

“You only have to stop a little.”

“It’d be hard to even taste this grape.”

“Toothpaste that I got in Oregon”

“A sea of seashells”

“Waited the entire summer to harvest potatoes and this is all my garden produced.”

“In response to the last post: “Potato person, I raise you my carrot.”

“I asked for hot sauce at a restaurant and got this Tabasco bottle.”

“A doorknob I saw in Louisiana”

“This city has a mock town to teach kids road safety complete with realistic storefronts.”

“Found this cutie while working.”

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