18 Things You Can Only See In Bored

“My Uber driver’s phone has a straw hat.”

“Education is “DEAD”, although the English translation of this is Department of Distance Education.”

“This hotel translated mango jam as sleeve jelly.”

“Protection above everything.”

“I am stuck here for almost a week. I don’t want a driving ticket.”

“This 38-years-old anchor in Tatajuba, Brazil.”

“This is truly a skywalk.”

“Goal-oriented urinal cakes in Brazil.”

“This giant piece of quartz from Brazil.”

“Cotton candy sellers on the beach.”

“A truck carrying a wooden house in Brazil.”

“The caracara falcons who built a nest on my grandma’s window just laid three eggs.”

“This hotel in Brazil has a remote that comes with a sports mode button, marked with a soccer ball.”

“This guy sells ice cream in the ocean near the coral reefs of Maragogi, Brazil.”

“University in Brazil with a colorful new student.”

“Gas station in the river, Brazil.”

“Bikini seller on the beach.”

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