18 Times When People Found Their Doppelgangers

“Found my look-alike, just around 100 years apart.”

“Found my double today.”

“When you take your daughter to a museum and see her in a painting”

“But what happens when your double is a doll?”

“Could it be that American presenter Andrew Zimmern knew that he had a doppelgänger?”

“Well, we now have a perfect stunt double for Emma Watson.”

“My grandma when she was young (left), and me (right)”

“My 3-year-old and Chris Pratt — it’s like they’re the same person.”

“My brother (left) saw his bass player doppelgänger on the beach in Mexico.”

“We’re not related, I found him in NYC. It was very freaky…”

“My great uncle and me — when genetics transcend generations…”

“My mom is my doppelgänger: 2008 (daughter and me) vs 1973 (mom and me)”

“When you go to get a flu shot and the pharmacist is your doppelgänger”

“Finally met Matthew Perry and told him he looked like me.”

“When your friend has the same face as comedian Keith Habersberger”

“I can’t even believe it. The server at the restaurant said, ’Hey there’s a guy in the kitchen that looks just like you…can I bring him out?’”

“I look like the civil rights activist, Octavius Catto.”

“Found my doppelgänger, just not what I hoped for.”

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