18 Truths That Are Very, Very Bitter

“Just because someone died, does not suddenly make them a good person.”


“There isn’t always something or someone to blame.”


“Took almost all of my 20s to realize this but, life is hard and no one is going to magically come and save you when you’re in a tight spot. Financially, physically, or mental health. Own your mistakes, learn from your past. Grow as a person. If you want to better yourself it’s only up to you to do so.”


“The people who are the dearest and closest to you posses the maximum power to turn your life into hell.

The person you trust the most can f@#k up your life with major trust issues within a blink of an eye.”


“A lot of times there will be nothing you can do to make a situation better, the only thing you can try is to keep it from getting worse.”


“That having feelings for someone romantically does not obligate them to have feelings for you in return.”


“That you could do anything right, be the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and your partner still falls out of love for you. It is not fair and you can’t solve it. You can only accept it and carry on. Because of that you need a strong conection to yourself. Be self sufficient. You can love and trust other people but they should never be necessary for your existence.”


“Bad things happen to good people.”


“That you are the villain in someone else’s narrative.”


“No matter how “healthy” you eat, how often you go to the gym, how much sleep you get, how much stress you avoid, your body, slowly but unavoidably, will deteriorate & let you down. You can only delay this”


“Sometimes we just don’t get what we want. And that’s that. Deal with it and move on.”


“The only person you can rely on in life is yourself”


“Get a bidet, Americans.”


“You are not going to progressively improve in life. It’s not all an upward curve. The only upward curve is EXPERIENCE and AGE.

This can be beautiful, but don’t delude yourself into thinking it guarantees a better future. Or even a better tomorrow.

Life is tricky. Ups and downs when you least expect it. A shocking amount even about your own life is out of your control.”


“Money does make poor people happy. If someone can’t afford to pay any bills, feed their children, or have any money to support them then a big handout if cash will make them happy for a period of time”


“People who are good looking are just gonna get it easier in life”


“No one knows what they are doing fully. There is no rulebook to life or relationships with other people. Some are trying their best and some aren’t trying at all.”


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