18 “You’ll Understand It When You’re Older” Things

“Understanding why your parents wanted you to go play with the awkward kid, or why they were so keen to help you make friends.

It’s beyond annoying as a kid when your parents try to guide who make friends with, but most parents instinctually know that bad social habits start early, are hard to break, and can be a real burden when you are older.”


“Why my parents would look disgusted eating/ drinking anything that was sweet.

I never understood why they watered down juice until now”


“Why it’s so annoying when you forget to take the chicken out of the freezer”


“Sleep is no punishment it’s a gift”



“Hand me downs.

I absolutely hated them, even though my grandma was a genius with them. Dyeing, artistic patches, new buttons… They just didn’t last compared to the new clothes my older sister had. Then I had 3 boys in 6 years… I’m seriously grateful that my grandma tried so hard to make my hand me downs look good. I get it now.”


“That the quality rather than quantity of friends matters.”


“Good people aren’t always nice people, and vice versa.”



“Friendships fading away

I remember my dad telling me all kinds of cool stories about things him and his friends did in the past. I even asked him “why aren’t you still friends with these people?” He really did basically say “it’s complicated, you’ll understand when you’re older.” Even back then I remember thinking “that’s crazy, me and my friends will always be friends.”

Sitting here now in my early 30’s and it really hits home.”


“Something a little more lighthearted, but about half the jokes on cartoons like SpongeBob take on a whole new light once you’ve got more experience under your belt.”


“The sound of your joints exploding every time you get up.”


“The quiet, boring, simple, times are the best. Everyone’s fed, happy, healthy, chill, napping… these are the good times.”


“It is possible to do everything right and still fail. Dont let it consume you. Pick up the pieces and move on.

I had to learn this after a project that I was on for 3 years was sabotaged and s@#tcanned. I did some amazing work, and poured my life into that project… in the end I had nothing to show for it. It put me in a real slump for a few years. Im still trying to pull myself out of it without becoming a cynical and jaded @$$hole.”


“What parents sacrifice just so you can do something fun.

Last night my husband and I sat in a line of cars for an hour and a half so our kids could see this cheesy drive thru light display in my town with Santa and other characters. 0/10 not worth it for us but the kids loved it and it was worth it to see them be able to do a fun Christmas activity during a pandemic.

It made me think of how much my parents had to endure taking my brother and I to theme parks and stuff as a kid just to see us happy. I appreciate it infinitely more now.”


“High school drama isn’t important. Like, at all”


“Not everybody is going to like you, even if you’re a good person.”


“Teenagers are just kids. It’s something I quite literally was not capable of understanding until I wasn’t a teenager anymore. When I was a teenager I felt soooo grown up.”


“Literally getting older. Never thought much about when adults would say “You’re still young, just enjoy it”. I always wanted to be older because I was tired of HS, wanted to be out of college, etc. Now I want aging to slow down a bit.”


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