19 Amazing Products Basically Everyone Could Benefit From Owning

A pair of blue-light glasses to help you get through all those emails without getting a headache from blue light. They minimize ~digital eye strain~ to prevent midday crashes caused by your glaring screen, so you actually stay in the zone.

A magnetic dry-erase board perfect for whatever weekly reminders you need to leave yourself before you start the day. DON’T FORGET TO WATER THE PLANTS!

A 1-ounce bottle of dry shampoo POWDER (!!) that’ll let ya ditch the shower on late mornings and rock hair that *looks* like it just got a fresh wash. Keep it in your purse for any midday touchups. Easy peasy.

A memory foam seat cushion to save your butt and back from the wrath of desk chairs, uncomfortable car seats, and really anywhere you do a lot of sitting.

A set of colorful bento boxes so it’s super easy to meal prep for the week and *not* stress each day on what to eat. A week of lunches doesn’t seem so daunting now!

A mini sewing kit with everything you need to fix a fashion emergency! Be prepared to handle snags, rips, loose buttons, and more with this in arm’s reach.

A teeny migraine stick made with therapeutic essential oils that can relieve migraine pain and give you some dang peace during stressful weeks. Keep one handy so you’re ready whenever a headache strikes.

A cookbook featuring recipes that can all be made in one pot, skillet, or slow cooker. Dinner and cleanup has never looked so promising.

A Tide To Go stick that’ll have you prepared for whatever coffee, lunch, or wine spill comes your way throughout the day.

Oil-blotting wipes to swipe away that shiny 3 p.m. forehead without disturbing your makeup.

A pack of stainless-steel straws with silicone tips (and a cleaning brush!) that’ll make drinking out of them softer on your teeth. Reducing plastic is rad and now you can do it all 👏the👏 time👏.

A set of cable clips that can be used to organize and prop up your chargers (because nothing is more annoying than your charger slipping behind your nightstand), *or* as a clever way to store your toothbrushes.

A universal socket that uses steel spring pins to adjust and fit a variety of screws, nuts, and bolts so the days of carrying 20+ different tools are O-V-E-R.

Clarifying shampoo you can use once a week in place of your usual shampoo to remove that annoying residue left behind from heavy hair products.

A discreet little password book that’ll serve ya a friendly reminder when you can’t remember what your favorite pizza topping was in 2007.

A powerful mouthwash for quickly getting rid of morning breath. Whether or not you have time to brush your teeth is your business, I am just here to show you a great product that can help bad breath!

A strengthening cream that’ll condition nails and cuticles with a calcium- and vitamin rich-formula to prevent splits, cracks, and breakage.

And an easy-to-clean tongue scraper that’ll quite literally scrape away the funk and gunk your electric toothbrush and powerful mouthwash don’t seem to put a dent into.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, Barnorama may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them.

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