19 Amazing Things You Should See Today

“Cereal that you add water instead of milk.”

“So apparently, Stanford has a giant statue of a Greco-Roman sandworm on campus.”

“Presenting my 1976 Hong Kong Phooey lunch can.”

“My local library has a “library of things” for residents to borrow useful household items like toolkits and power washers”

“The frame on this painting in my parents house has eyeballs in it.”

“Cake dispenser in Toronto.”

“My country puts phosphor into sidewalks so you can see at night.”

“This pair of shoes I found encased in hundred year old concrete that’s been eroded over time by a waterfall.”

“My dad has this Kiss card that grants him free Kiss tickets anytime any place.”

“Double decker couch we made.”

“The builder in our neighborhood used all the leftover bricks from other houses to build this house.”

“My neighbor recreates cars from old movies.”

“This pepper looks like a pumpkin.”

“Zoo puts safety of animals first, even on the warning sign for humans.”

“A chip from a machine in my girlfriend’s lab.”

“Taco Bell and a cannabis store sharing a building”

“My local fords restaurant has tied down their model t’s in preparation for hurricane Ian”

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