19 Clever Solutions For Different Problems

“My soon-to-be ex-wife brought me a cake for my birthday today. It said, ’Sorry about the divorce.’”

“My friend got a pedicure.”

“I think I nailed my eye patch.”

“Our daughter really wanted to touch the water but couldn’t reach by herself, and this was my husband’s solution.”

“My friend’s son has trouble walking, so this was the solution for Halloween.”

“I bought my dog this cover so he can stick his head out the car window and not fall out.”

“My artist buddy painted his daughter’s broken leg X-ray onto her cast, pins and all.”

“The original was done by a good friend so I didn’t want a full coverup, and I think the new artist did a great job!”

“So apparently the dog was being needy; this was Mom’s solution.”

“My chair broke so I bought a car seat and welded it to the old chair’s wheels.”

“My coworker’s cat was misbehaving at the vet, so this was his solution. ”

“Fixed my landlord’s house after a storm.”

“I found a wolf sanctuary and took my girlfriend there for a date. Think I nailed it!”

“So my sister said she was having issues with her computer. Fixed it!”

“My mom had been painting a picture of me and my boyfriend. I found out he was cheating, so she turned him into a sloth.”

“The first article of clothing I made for my girlfriend”

“This is my Valentine’s Day breakfast. My girlfriend nailed it!”

“My tattoo (born deaf in right ear)”

“My dad is nailing our dog’s manicure.”

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