19 Examples Of Some A##hole Moves

“Publishing a new version of a textbook with a few dozen changes, charging $350.00 for it, and making THE CURRENT VERSION the required book for the class.”

“Blocking someone’s driveway.”

“Flipping thru pictures on someone else’s phone when they show you one.”

“Lowering a wage from what was promised in the job description.”

“Eating food that is marked with someone’s name.”

“Charging extra fees for online ticket purchases.”

“Hiding the close button on Ads. Making impossibly hard to cancel subscriptions.”

“Robbing a blind person.”

“Abusing animals. Special place in hell for those people.”

“Those scam calls that target elderly people to steal their money. Such a weirdly targeted evil.”

“Getting mad at a cashier for the stores prices.. I’ve observed this multiple times.”

“Stealing from someone who invites you into their home.”

“Passing somebody only to go slower than they were going.”

“Ditching frozen or refrigerated food on grocery store shelves.”

“Being disrespectful to employees while expecting the utmost respect in return.”

“Taking up 2 or more parking spaces by parking outside the lines.”

“Not replacing the TP roll if there’s another one around.”

“Getting in the elevator before others have exited.”

“Leaving a shopping cart in an empty parking space.”

Source: old.reddit.com

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