19 Highest-Paid Actors And Actresses Of 2021

Robert Pattinson – USD$3 Million

Chris Pine – USD$11.5 Million

Keanu Reeves – USD$12-$14 Million

Tom Cruise – USD$13 Million

Michael B. Jordan – USD$15 Million

Brad Pitt – USD$20 Million

Chris Hemsworth – USD$20 Million

Ryan Gosling – USD$20 Million

Sandra Bullock – USD$20 Million

Julia Roberts – USD$25 Million

Jennifer Lawrence – USD$25 Million

Mark Wahlberg – USD$30 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio – USD$30 Million

Denzel Washington – USD$40 Million

Will Smith – USD$40 Million

Dwayne Johnson – USD$50 Million

Daniel Craig – USD$100 Million

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