19 Incredible Retro Pictures from the 1970s

These captivating photographs offer a window into the fashion, culture, and moments that defined an era.


“14-Year-Old Melanie Griffith, At Home With Her Pet Lion, Neil, 1971”

“Dolly Parton Performs In Detroit, Michigan In September Of 1977”

“New York City, 1978. Photo By Helen Levitt”

“New York City, 1975”

“Sizzling In The Kitchen: Abba’s Agnetha Fältskog, 1974”

Rumours (1977)

Susan Sarandon, Cannes, 1978

Al Pacino

“Conversation Pits From The 1960s And 1970s”

“San Francisco’s Lombard Street In 1975”

“Ruth Gordon Schnapp, California’s First Woman Structural Engineer, 1970s”

“41 29th Street, San Francisco, 1978”

“Hippie Dad Walking With His Daughter, Amsterdam, 1967. Photo By Toni Riera”

“Joan Jett Without Her Signature Black Eyeliner”

“Women In Afghanistan During The 70s. Before Taliban. Heartbroken For All Woman, Men And Children Going Through Pain Now In”

“Harrison Ford In A Kitchen In The Late 70s”

“That Moment When You Realize Your Parents Were Cooler Than You. “My Parents In Front Of A Store In Paris, 1972″”

“Gary Anderson, The Guy Who, At Age 23, Designed The Recycling Logo For A Contest, 1970”


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