19 Interesing And Weird Things You Don’t See Everyday

“My son had to have a chest X-ray. There could be a less weird way to do it.”

“So my brother couldn’t find his keys this morning and was late for work…his 2-year-old son had borrowed them.”

“A guy riding down the road holding a dresser on top of a car on a 50 MPH road”

“Forgot my wife was away — rolled over in bed to see this!”

“On a flight today, the 2 women behind us talked loudly the entire flight. Took this picture thinking my son was asleep.”

“This was my son’s reaction to an Easter bunny today at the daycare.”

“Some dude got his car covered in plastic wrap.”

“My girlfriend’s son likes to wear costumes, sometimes more than one. He fell asleep and we got a dragon choking on a dinosaur.”

“This is what happens when you vacuum at an animal shelter.”

“At the last minute, my son told me it was Crazy Hat Day at school.”

“Asked my son to get dressed. Came out to this.”

“And that’s when I knew my kid was done with taking family photos.”

“My son, 2 years ago — we have since upgraded to a bigger wagon.”

“My friend’s 5-year-old son made him a sandwich for work. Couldn’t stop laughing when he opened his lunch box.”

“So my daughter took her graduation picture…”

“I introduced my cat to my newborn.”

“We were trying to take a pic of our husky with its mouth open by throwing cheese at her. This was the result.”

“I told my wife that if I ever met Dan Harmon, he’d replace her picture as my phone background. Guess who I bumped into this weekend.”

“Welp…there goes her new bed.”

Credits:  brightside.me

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